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Welcome to the
mysterious world of the

Mystic Dahlia's

  • Information

    Welcome to the mysterious world of the Mystic Dahlia's. Nobody can tell you how it feels. You have to experience it yourself, become one with the hidden beauty of this colourful nature. Intense, mysterious and appropriate in our modern society.

    Go mystic!

    All types are protected by plant breeders. Propagation without permission prohibited.

  • Core points

    • Exuberant flowering (50-100 flowers in a season)
    • Compact (50-60 cm)
    • Flowering period summer-autumn
    • Ideal for containers
    • Bright flower colours
    • Creates a mystical garden
    The Mystic Dahlia series
    The Mystic Dahlia series
  • Maintenance & Use

    Mystic Dahlia's perform best in full sun. Important is that the soil is nutritious, has good permeability but is not too dry.

    The hardiness of the Mystic Dahlias is -6° Celsius. Do you want to enjoy them the next year again, you can harvest the tubers for the winter.

    Let the tubers dry in a cool, dark and draught-free place & keep them covered with turf.

    Ideal for perennial borders, solo or mixed containers on your terrace or patio. In flower boxes on the balcony, or mass plantings, all for a Mystic effect.

    Mystic Dahlia Dreamer
    Mystic Dahlia's,
    hardy to -6° Celsius
  • History

    "Dr. Keith Hammett is New Zealand's leading professional breeder of ornamental plants." He originally studied botany at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and followed with a PhD in plant pathology. Despite a scientific background and long research history Keith sees the creation of ornamental plants as an art form comparable to other areas of aesthetic activity.

    Dr. Hammett's Dahlias have won top awards at the Royal Horticultural Society's trials and were featured in the Chelsea Flower show. His Dahlias are renowned for their bright vibrant flowers with dark central discs, and very dark bronze to black foliage and represent a change in breeding direction for Dahlias resulting from breeding with species of Dahlia not previously used. Dr. Hammett was recently awarded the Reginald Cory Cup by the RHS for his pioneering work with Dahlias, the first time in three quarters of a century that this award had come to New Zealand.

    Dr. Keith Hammet
    Dr. Keith Hammett is New Zealand's leading professional breeder of ornamental plants.
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